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Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks - Ambu Bags - Replacement Oxygen Mask Diaphragms


All Sales Final - Non-Refundable And Non-Returnable

Orders Ship UPS Ground - Continental USA Sales Only - Cannot Ship To P.O. Boxes
Masks And Ambu Bags Ship Separately


Mask Use And Cleaning PDF  -  Mail Or Fax Order Form PDF


Please Contact Your Veterinarian To Determine The Correct Size

Contact Your Veterinarian Or Medical Supply Company For Oxygen

Pet Oxygen Mask Demonstration


Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks

Durable, Washable And Reusable • Comes With 7 Ft Oxygen Tubing And Oxygen Adapter For Each Mask • Ideal For Rescue Operations • Latex Free

Dual Vents • Mounted Rubber 22 mm Oxygen Adapter • Unrestricted Inhalation And Exhalation Of Air • Mask Is Made Of Polycarbonate  

V7148 Recovery Mask Kit & Carrying Case


Kits Includes One Of Each Size Mask With 7 Foot Tubing And A Free Carrying  Case

Mask Use And Cleaning PDF




1 To 5 Kits

 $68.75 Each

6 To 25 Kits

$65.00 Each

26 To 75 Kits $63.00 Each

76 To 100 Kits

$61.00 Each

100 Kits Or More $60.00 Each

Masks Are Washable And Reusable


Masks Donated For Use On Rescue Vehicles

May Follow A Pet To The Veterinarian's Office


We Suggest Labeling The Individual Masks
With Contact Information So The Mask

Can Be Returned For Future Uses 


Individual Recovery Pet Oxygen Masks

Comes With 7 Ft Oxygen Tubing

Small Pet / Large Feline


2.5"H x 3.75" W

Diaphragm Opening 1.125"



$27.50 Each

Medium Pet / Small Canine


3" H x 3.5" W

Diaphragm Opening 1.125"



$27.50 Each

Large Pet / Large Canine


4.5" H x 5.5" W

Diaphragm Opening 2.25"



$27.50 Each

Please Contact Your Veterinarian To Determine The Correct Size


Contact Clinical Support At 1-800-258-5361 Option #3 - #1-#2


Resuscitation (Ambu) Bags

Compatible With Standard Oxygen Hose

Small Ambu Bag (240 ml Volume, Under 7 kg)  Medium Ambu Bag (500 ml Volume, 7-30 kg)  Large Ambu Bag (1600 ml Volume, Over 30 kg)

Ambu Kit With Free Carrying Case


Each Kit Includes One Of Each Size Ambu Bag And A Free Carrying Case

 Small 32346B12 - Medium 32346B11 - Large 32346B10


$135 Per Set

Individual Resuscitation (Ambu) Bags

Small Ambu Bag 32346B12

Use With Small Pet / Large Feline Mask/

(240 ml Volume, Under 7 kg)


$48 Each

Medium Ambu Bag 32346B11

Use With Medium Pet / Small Canine Mask

 (500 ml Volume, 7-30 kg)


$48 Each

Large Ambu Bag 32346B10

Use With Large Pet / Large Canine Mask

(1600 ml Volume, Over 30 kg)


$48 Each


Replacement Diaphragm

Replacement Diaphragms For The Masks Are Available In Two Sizes

Replacement Diaphragm


Small Pet / Large Feline Oxygen Mask (32490B16)

Diaphragm Opening 1.125"



$18 Each

Replacement Diaphragm


Medium Pet / Small Canine Oxygen Mask (32490B15)

Diaphragm Opening 1.125"



$18 Each

Replacement Diaphragm


Large Pet / Large Canine Oxygen Mask (32490B10)

Diaphragm Opening 2.25"



$18 Each


Email Us Your Tax-Exempt Forms
Fax To (314) 291-7667


Example - Remove The Plastic Adapter On The Top Of The Oxygen Mask And Insert The Plastic Fitting On The Ambu Bag (Resuscitation Bag)

Same Way The Ambu Bag Will Attach To The Pet Oxygen Masks


All Orders Will Be Verified By Phone Or Email Before Being Shipped Out

Orders Normally Ship Out Within 2 To 3 Business Days

(Due To Weekends, Holidays And Inclement Weather, Delivery May Be Delayed)