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Rescue And Resuscitation
Pet Oxygen Masks And Ambu Bags

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Dog Park And Doggy Hydrants

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Poop Scoop'n Service
Professionals In Turd-Herding

Roses Are Red, Yucko's Are Brown, Since You Own A Dog, They're On The Ground..!


DOGIPOT Pet Waste Management Products And Litter Dog Waste Bags

SMART Litter Pick Up Bags™ Are The Most Effective,

Dependable And Economical Tool Used To Help Eliminate Dog Pollution In Dog Friendly Areas

    Pet Litter Pick Up Bags And Trash Liner Bags

Pet Waste Stations And Dispensers

Replacement Keys
Dogipot Pet Products




DOGIPARK Offers The Highest Quality Dog Park Agility And Amenity Equipment


    Park Bone Bench

Bone Leash Post

Arched Stepping Bones

Dog Shaped Hoop Jump

Rectangle Bone Table

Steel Trash Receptacle



Rescue And Resuscitation

Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks

Ambu Resuscitation Bags



Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks  And Ambu Kits


Replica Fire Hydrants

The Dog Park Hydrant

The Doggy Hydrant

Mueller Centurion Hydrant

Mueller Improved Hydrant

Clow 150 Octagon Hydrant

Clow 200 Round Hydrant

Mueller Canada Century Hydrant

The 6 Foot Hydrant



No Dog Pee/Poop Signs

Pick Up Pet Waste Signs

No Dogs Allowed Signs

Leash Your Dog Signs

Designated Pet Area Signs

Caution And Warning Signs

Guard And Attack Dog Signs

Handicap Pet Signs

Service Animal Signs

Humorous Signs

Environmental Signs

Beware Of Breed Signs






Custom Design Signs

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Got Poop Boutique

Glow In The Dark Turd-Herding T-Shirts
Save Our Pets Emergency Sticker And Restix

Pooper Scooper Cookbook









What Does Your Dog Create In Waste?

1 Day: 1/2 Pound

 30 Days: 15 Pounds

 365 Days: 182.5 Pounds 


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 50 Custom Label Dispensers Cost Per Unit


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200 Custom Label Dispensers Cost Per Unit


400 Custom Label Dispensers Cost Per Unit


800 Custom Label Dispensers Cost Per Unit


We will help you design a 4" x 2" color label that we will apply to

(includes 15 bags inside each canister) 

To get started e-mail a JPEG/EPS file of the logo to:

 Include Any lines of text you wish to appear around the logo 4" x 2" Label

Specify where you would like the logo, text, etc. 
Sketch out your desired label appearance
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