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What Goes In..., Must Come Out...!

We Doo Work All Year Round Picking Up What Your Pets Leave Behind...!

Why Is There a Snow Fee? There Are Several Reasons- Good Reasons!

The Main Reason Is..!
What Came Out Did Not Go Away..! It's Still There..!


We Doo Charge For Days We Could Not Service Due To Snow/Ice

You Will ONLY Be Charged A Snow Fee Of  Your Regular Service Rate

For The Service Day We Are Forced To Skip Due To The Snow And/Or Ice

Snow Has Only Prevented Us From Servicing Our Clients A Few Times A Year

We Want To Keep Everyone Safe To Avoid Falling On Your Property With Ice/Snow Covered Walkways And Driveways



Gates Become Frozen Or Snow Gets Pushed In Front Of Gates
Making The Yard Inaccessible


Freezing To Surfaces

Also Remember Waste Can Become Frozen To Surfaces
Which Will Not Allow It To Be Removed Until It Thaws


Less Than 1" Of Snow Fall  

(Till We Have To Play Hide And Seek With The Waste..!)


Sometimes We Only Get Light Amount Of Snow/Dusting And We Are Still Able To Service Your Yard


Bare With Us And The Weather
We Will Try To Be Back Out On Your Next Scheduled Service Day


Thank You Very Much For Your Patience
All Of Us At Yucko’s



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What Does Your Dog Create In Waste?

1 Day: 1/2 Pound

 30 Days: 15 Pounds

 365 Days: 182.5 Pounds 



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