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Informational Specs



Item # 7711

Informational Specs


Every DOGIPARK® Needs A Place Where Dog Owners Can Relax And Enjoy Watching Their Dogs Run And Play

This Bone-Shaped Bench Is A Great Addition To Every Dog Park Because Of Its Durability And Attractiveness,

With A Thermoplastic Coating That Will Not Fade, Peel Or Crack

To Match The Design With The Dog Park Atmosphere, Bones Are Imprinted Into The Backrest





Bench Is 72" Long - Thermoplastic-Coated For Durability

Ground Or Surface Mounting Option - Hardy Steel Frame

5-Year Warranty - Made In The USA




Item # 7732

Informational Specs


When Dog Owners Set Their Dogs Free To Run And Play In The Dog Park

 They Are Going To Need A Place Where They Can Hang A Leash

 This DOGIPARK® Bone Leash Post Is A Necessary Addition To Every Dog Park

 The Bone Leash Post Comes With A Powder-Coat Finish; Durable Enough To Stand Up To The Elements

 While Maintaining An Attractive, Long Lasting Look, Making It One Of The Best Dog Park Products Around

36" High And Is Made Of Thick 2.375" Piping

Four Places For Multiple Leashes

Bone Theme For Dog Parks

5-Year Warranty

Made In The USA




Item # 7721

Informational Specs


Keep Your Dog Park Tidy With A Highly Visible And Long-Lasting Dogipark® Trash Receptacle

 Perfect For All The Trash Generated By Pet Owners And Waste From Their Dogs

 Each Receptacle Comes With A Box Of Dogipot® Smart Liner Trash Bags

 That Are Durable Enough To Withstand The Elements

 While Still Maintaining The Resilience To Deal With All Kinds Of Dog Park Waste

The Addition Of Laser-Cut Imprints Of Dogs And Bones Makes This Pet Waste Station Fit Right In At Any Dog Park


32-Gallon Capacity

Comes With 1 Box Of Dogipot® Smart Liner Trash Bags

(33 Gallon – 25 Rolled Bags Item # 1404m)

Dog-Themed Dogipark® Trash Can

Durable Thermoplastic Coating

5-Year Warranty - Made In The USA




Item # 7511

Informational Specs


If It Were Left Up To Most Dogs, They Would Run And Play Non-Stop Until They Couldn't Anymore

 But Even The Most Active Dogs Need Rest

 Which Is Why Owners Will Greatly Appreciate The DOGIPARK® Rectangle Bonetable

 This Raised Park Table, With Perforated Design Is Coated With Our *RUFFCOAT™

 Making It Especially Slip Resistant For Added Safety.


Thick Thermoplastic RUFFCOAT™ Coating

60" In Length, And A 24" Width

Slip And Urine-Resistant

5-Year Warranty

Made In The USA

*DOGIPOT®'s RUFFCOAT™ Is A Reliable Way To Protect

Your DOGIPARK® Equipment And It's Safe For Our Canine Friends



Item # 7521

Informational Specs


A Must-Have In Dog Park Equipment, The DOGIPARK® Arched Stepping Bones Comes With

Our *RUFFCOAT™  Thick Thermoplastic Coating That Creates A Stippled Surface Dogs Can Grip

 Fade Resistant And Won't Peel Or Crack— Perfect For Agility Training And Making It Especially Simple For Your Pets

To Get The Exercise They Need. The Steps Allow For Plenty Of Room For Dogs To Climb

And Come With A Bone Pattern Imprinted On The Surface

This Equipment Is Supported With A Solid Base Of Durable Powder-Coated Steel


*DOGIPOT®'s RUFFCOAT™ Is A Reliable Way To Protect Your DOGIPARK® Equipment


It's Safe For Our Canine Friends


Tough RUFFCOAT™ Coating

Each Step Is A Full 16" Wide By 12" Deep

 The Entire Piece Is 84" Long

Slip And Urine-Resistant

5-Year Warranty

Made In The USA - Item # 7521



Item # 7522

Informational Specs


Who Needs Agility Courses When This Piece Of DOGIPARK® Equipment Will Result In Hours Of Enjoyment For Dogs

Of All Sizes And Abilities? The DOGIPARK® 3 Level Dog Shaped Jump Hoop Has Assorted Hoop Heights To Test

Even The Most Agile Pets, While The Surface Boasts A Thermoplastic Layer That Resists Peeling, Cracking

And Fading, Providing Your Pets Outdoor Dog Play Equipment With Unparalleled Quality

Three Hoop Jump-Through

Securely Mounted With 1.9" 13-Gauge Tubing

Entire Structure Is 80" Long And 42" High

With Openings That Are 24" In Diameter

Different Agility Levels Based On Hoop Height

Secure Anchors

5-Year Warranty - Made In The USA



DOGIPARK® Fire Hydrant

 Item #7731-Red

A Fun And Functional Addition To Any Dog Park

It's Bright Red Finish

With A Water And UV-Resistant Thermoplastic Coating


This Piece Features A Premium Finish Dogs


Owners Alike Will Love

 •33" H X 15" W
 •Can Be Surface Or In-Ground Mounted


Spec Sheet